Le Comptoir des Poivre is pleased to present its range of spice blends - GASTRONOMICA N°45

We have created, tested, and packaged them in our premises in France, exclusively with our peppers and spices of exceptional quality. Each element has been carefully chosen, and weighed to the gram, for a unique result. We have designed these blends to accompany you on a daily basis and guarantee you tasty and fragrant cuisine. You can use them very easily in your simmered dishes, your marinades, your barbecues or to make your sauces.

Some of our blends will also sublimate your pastries, desserts or fruit salads." From the classic "Sunday Chicken", undoubtedly the symbol of the Sunday meal to share with the family, to the emblematic "Raz el Hanout", a lot of richness and gourmet complexity, through the traditional "Gingerbread Mix" which will surprise you with its sweet aromas, the exotic "Mélange Caraïbes", a colorful and fragrant blend that smells of island cuisine, sun and sea, or the powerful "Barbecue Quebec" that breathes adventure and Cajun cuisine, the spice blends have not finished surprising you with their gourmet flavors.

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