Kochi Yuzu juice Fruit juice
  • Kochi Yuzu juice Fruit juice
  • Kochi Yuzu juice Fruit juice

Kochi Yuzu juice

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This yuzu juice comes from fruits cultivated in open fields. The aromas are powerful on notes of green tangerine, citron, lemon not yet ripe.

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The mouth is very refreshing, very floral, a beautiful acidity, a lot of length.

Traditionally, the Japanese use this juice as a vinegar.

Our perfect pairings : it is suitable for many sweet and sour preparations, sorbets, ice creams, vinaigrettes in association with olive oil, in association with soy sauce and dashi broth for the making of ponzu seasoning, for the making of curd...

Grilled fishes love it as well as cepalopods, scallops, oysters, cockles and clams...

Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku Island, accounts for 52.8% of Japan's yuzu production.

It benefits from a warm climate and an ideal geographical position, with a coastline that stretches between the Pacific Ocean and fertile mountains.

Although a very large part of its territory is covered by forests and there is very little flat land, thanks to its warm climate, Kochi has developed a rich economy based on horticulture, especially in the field of greenhouses.

Kochi is also a leader in Japan in integrated pest management, an approach that avoids the excessive use of chemical pesticides by chemical pesticides by introducing natural predators of pests. Translated with (free version)

Kôchi, Japan
2 L net
150 ml net
900 ml net
Glass bottle
resealable aseptic bag
100% Yuzu
consume within 4 weeks after opening
keep away from light, heat and moisture
refrigerate after opening
Nutritional values
Per 100 ml : energy 28 kcal (122 kJ) ; fat < 0,8g, of which saturates < 0,01g ; carbohydrate 2,6g, of which sugars 2,58g ; protein < 0,5g ; salt < 0,01g.

Kitagawa Village, Land of the Yuzu


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