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Laos Lau Binchotan Charcoal

Lau binchotan charcoal from Laos is made from wood of twig, Cratoxylum pruniflorum, Hypericaceae family. This charcoal, of excellent quality, of a slightly lower density, has a different heating power, slightly lower than the Japanese binchotan. Its manufacturing method is identical to that of Japanese Tosa binchotan.
The creators of the Lau company were trained in Kôchi (Tosa) both for the manufacture of Lau binchotan and for the realization of the ovens.
For comparison, the hardness of Tosa binchotan is 17 to 20 degrees against 16 to 18 degrees for that of Lau Binchotan.
Our supplier has obtained, for its Lau Binchotan, special permission from the Japanese Patent Office on the process of making Lau binchotan charcoal from the Lau tree Cratoxylum pruniflorum, to produce the charcoal corresponding to characteristics required for the Japanese binchotan.

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