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Sansho Berries

Sansho has been used as a natural preservative for meat and fish since antiquity (preventing unpleasant smells and deterioration) and afterwards to stimulate appetite. Collected still green in May, red in July and August, these berries of sansho grape - sometimes called “lemon pepper” - cultivated by Kaneichi, are different because of their inimitable fruity taste, a tasty mix of citronella, lemon and mint, with spicy notes very peppered. This berry, from the rutaceae, is a citrus. Consumed as it is, it gives an anesthetic feeling on the tongue, with a little tickle reminding of sparkling. Its elegant fragrance and special spicy taste have made it an essential condiment and spice for Japanese cuisine today. It spices up a meat or fish tartare, a mayonnaise, a grilled fish or why not a chocolate dessert. A unique experience!

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