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Shiitake & Maitake Mushrooms

The Japanese shiitake mushroom is well known for its powerful and aromatics notes and its texture. The dried shiitake mushrooms are available all year round, in whole, in chips… They will be ideal in your salads, pan fried vegetables, pot-au-feu (stew), pasta….

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Your Japanese grocery store Nishikidôri tells you everything


Oita Prefecture, located in the east of Kyushu Island, is famous for its plains and forests. Forests are full of shiitake mushroom micro-plantations. We are not talking about those cheap products grown in huge cellars in China and frequently treated with formaldehyde (formaldehyde), but about the noble sawtooh oak mushroom.
And speaking of the " sawtooh oak mushroom ", you will understand the origin of this name by walking through the forested hills and mountains of Oita.
There, growers who want to produce quality shiitake, in perfect respect of tradition, sow oak trunks with shiitake mycelium, and let them grow and develop in the wild. Soil is rich in humus and temperatures are cool.
Every year, in November, farmers cut down 12 to 15 year old Japanese oaks. These are then left on the ground for 2 months. They are then cut into 125 cm pieces and seeded with shiitake mycelium.
To do this, 20 holes are made in the trunk with a drill. Finally, seeded trunks are laid on top of each other, in a linear way, on a few rows, then covered with leaves and branches. They will remain thus abandoned during 2 long years, period essential to the good development of mycelium.
After 24 months, seeded trunks are placed upright in rows in humid and fresh undergrowth, rich in humus.
Shiitake mushrooms, in perfect respect of nature, mother of patience, develop then.
Harvest is done manually when mushrooms have reached a good maturity.
They are then mechanically dried and sorted into 4 qualities:


These are the finest. They rehydrate quickly and are perfect for making slices. They are recommended for cooking with rice, for stuffing or for making gourmet bites.


These are the majority of harvested products, larger and thicker. Japanese people love them, once rehydrated, steamed, fried, in gratin...

Donko :

They are thick, fleshy, swollen and juicy as desired, with a greedy chewiness. Their flavor is subtle, woody. They are delicious cooked with soy sauce and mirin or grilled or in fondue with broth.


These are the largest, widest and most fleshy shiitakes, with a fresh diameter of 8 to 15 cm and 7 to 10 cm when dried. To rehydrate them, 48 hours are necessary in cold water followed by a one hour draining. They are cooked baked in butter and soy sauce. They are rare, very aromatic and extremely tasty.

Oita concentrates more than one third of the Japanese production of this mushroom. It is a quality food, with excellent health benefits. Cultivation is healthy and natural, without the use of any chemicals whatsoever.

Only nature decides!

Why should shiitake be cooked properly?

It is necessary to cook the shiitake thoroughly to avoid skin poisoning.

What does shiitake taste like?

Once cooked, the shiitake mushroom has a spongy and soft texture, in the mouth it releases a thick and woody, strong and earthy flavor.

Where to find shiitake mushrooms?

You can find shiitake and maitake mushrooms in your Japanese grocery store Nishikidôri.

How to eat shiitake mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms are delicious cooked with soy sauce and mirin or grilled or in a broth fondue.
Rehydrated, in a water at room temperature, you can incorporate them in your stuffings, pan-fried pasta or vegetables, chopped meats.
They can also be added to your salads, frying pans, stews and casseroles (add them a few minutes before the end of cooking time), white rice and pasta.

How to rehydrate shiitake?

To rehydrate them, we recommend that you soak them in the refrigerator for 24 hours, in a bowl covered with cling film.
Do not throw away the water used for rehydration: strain it to remove impurities and bring to a boil, taking care to skim. You will obtain a delicious shiitake dashi that you can enjoy hot or cold.

How do I know if the shiitake is still good?

The shiitake should be well dehydrated and dry, if the shiitake is soft or sticky it is better not to eat it.

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